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Key Features

IRS approved e-File Service Provider

Precise2290 e-file solution uses a combination of enterprise-class software, intelligent rules based navigator, and a secure environment on Cloud to connect truckers with the IRS. E-filers are not required to download and install any software and everything is safely managed on the Cloud under the watchful eyes of security experts. Bank-level security is provided to the e-file data both at rest and in motion.

Some reasons that make the best option as an e-file provider and the right choice for your business.

1. E-filing guided by Intelligent Navigator

Precise2290 provides an intelligent navigator that guides users step-by-step to complete and submit error free form 2290 e-Filing to IRS. A very smart design of our e-file software enables users to complete and submit their e-filing without any support and receive the IRS stamped Schedule 1 within minutes. We have minimized redundant data entry and included many utilities that helps to quickly complete the filing including the Copy filing option. Copy Filing option allows users to copy the previous year filing and submit the e-filing within minutes.

2. Schedule 1 (Proof of Payment) within minutes

Our fully automated process allows quick submission of Form 2290 to the IRS system and get the IRS digital watermarked Schedule 1 within minutes. By the time users submit and print their completed form 2290, their schedule 1 shows up in the Precise2290 inbox and also sent to the registered email.

3. Guided e-File Correction

Sometimes e-files are rejected due to the Name and EIN mismatch with the information in the IRS system or invalid bank routing number. Users are immediately notified through email about the rejection and they can log back to the Precise2290 application and view the rejected e-file in the Rejection inbox. Users are provided the reasons for rejection and they can follow the onscreen instructions to correct and resubmit the filing all by themself.

4. VIN Correction

A Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is a unique serial number used to identify individual motor vehicles. Users occasionally make mistakes in entering VIN due to the combinations of letters and numbers in the VIN format. Precise2290 provides e-file service to correct improperly entered VIN(s) and submit amendment. Precise2290 expedites VIN correction submissions, and it takes only a few minutes to get the new Schedule 1.

5. Tax Calculator

Tax Calculation is used to calculate the taxes on the vehicles based on the gross taxable weight and the first use month. The internal tax calculator helps to figure out the exact tax return that you owe to the IRS. While e-filing form 2290 using Precise2290, Taxes are automatically calculated and shown on the online screen. Additionally, if you include the credit vehicle(s) in the filing then the system automatically adjusts the credit with the taxes that you owe.

6. Form 2290 e-Filing for Tax Professionals

Precise2290 encourages tax practitioners to use the e-file software to perform form 2290 and 8849 efile for their clients through a discount program applicable at the account level. Precise2290 is recognized by IRS as their approved & certified efile service provider and hence assure a secured way of e-Filing with ease and accurancy. Tax practitioners need to create a single account and they can manage unlimited businesses HVUT e-filing through that. Our well designed screens allow easy navigations between the business records and it helps provide efficient service to their customers.

7. Free Re-File Service

In the unlikely event of your e-Filing getting rejected by the IRS due to the incorrect information, Precise2290 allows free re-filing for the corrected return. The common cause of the filing rejection are due to mismatch in EIN and business name or the bank routing number. Rejected filings shows up in the rejected inbox in the dashboard and it requires couple of clicks to resubmit the filing and receive the Schedule 1 within minutes.

8. Instant Validation

Precise2290 guides you to complete your return error free by checking your input for mistakes and instantly prompt you for corrections. Before submitting your return to IRS, we again go through the complete validation process calculate the final tax amount and the service charge. New EIN or the EIN & Name mismatch are the major reason for rejections and this is directly validated in the IRS system and we suggest users to follow the EIN & Name entry rules (which can not be handled in the Precise2290 system) to avoid rejections.

9. High Security

Our Form 2290 e-File software is highly secure, always available, and monitored round the clock by the security experts. We provide encrypted communications between systems and ensure data security both at rest and in motion. We provide Bank-level, 256-bit SSL encryption. Our credit card processing is PCI Level 1 compliant, the most stringent level available in payments industry. We are IRS approved for e-Filing via US government protocols.

10. Chat Support

Precise2290 is here to help you with answers to your HVUT related queries. Click on the Chat button on this page if you need any assistance to e-File form 2290. We will help you at each step along the way as you file your return.

11. Email Support

We provide updates about the e-Filing status as well as respond to your queries through email for any e-Filing related issues. Once your Schedule 1 is received, we will send a copy of the Schedule 1 to your registered email address. E-file rejections notifications are immediately sent to users with instructions about corrective action.

12. Expertise and Experience

Precise2290 is backed by a team of highly qualified and committed experts. Experienced tax professionals ensure a practical tax-filing process from start to finish, a legal staff keeps abreast of the latest tax-filing requirements, and development specialists oversee the technical aspects of the site so that it functions smoothly and securely.

13. Form Download

You can download your completed Form 2290 and the digital watermarked Schedule 1 anytime from your account once IRS accepts your return.

About PRECISE2290

PRECISE2290 (Powered by SYRUSH Corporation) is a leading IRS-authorized e-file service provider offering you the best cloud-based solutions to perform online filings of Form 2290 - Schedule 1, Form 8849 - Schedule 6 (other claims), and Form 2290 Amendments. We are instrumental in providing new style of e-filing through wizard guided navigation to make the whole filing process error free, quick and easy. PRECISE2290 is a Maryland based business committed to provide e-file services to the small,medium and large truckers at a very competitive service charge. We have a very flexible pricing for tax professionals who can use the multi-tenant solution to support their hundreds of trucker clients through one account. We have expertise in providing cloud-based online solutions and ensure 24x7x365 availability in a very secured environment monitored by the security experts.

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