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Why E-File Form 2290

HVUT Form 2290 is a Federal Excise Tax which is filed by owners of the taxable heavy vehicles which uses public highway for transportation. The Form 2290 must be filed during the fiscal year of July 1 to June 30. Form 2290 e-file has brought a very big revolution in the trucking industry as the tedious process of Form 2290 paper filing has been reduced from around 6 weeks to less than 10 minutes if filed through an IRS approved e-file service provider like The e-file system automatically calculates the pending tax amount based on the first use month of the vehicle and it's gross weight and provides a guided e-file service to complete and submit the filing. Most of the first time truckers performing Form 2290 e-file are amazed to see the ease and speed of e-filing and have lot of good words for IRS and the IRS approved e-file service provider like The another important feature that fascinates most of the form 2290 e-filers are that the next year year filing can be performed with just couple of clicks as all informations required are stored on the site. Form 2290 e-filers can access their filing information for 5 years on Precise2290 24x7x365 withoutout any monthly maintenance cost.

Form 2290 Amendment can also be e-filed for VIN Correction, Gross Weight increase, and Mileage increase. The updated Schedule-1 is received within 10 minutes for Form 2290 Amendment. If you have to claim any credit from IRS for any tax over payments made in the past then you can e-file for form 8849 Schedule-6 and receive the IRS acceptance within minutes. The checks for the credit amount are mailed to the registered business address.

Use the form HVUT Form 2290 to:

  • Figure and pay the tax due on highway motor vehicles used during the period with a taxable gross weight of 55,000 pounds or more;
  • Figure and pay the tax due on a vehicle for which you completed the suspension statement on another Form 2290 if that vehicle later exceeded the mileage use limit during the period;
  • Figure and pay the tax due if, during the period, the taxable gross weight of a vehicle increases and the vehicle falls into a new category;
  • Claim suspension from the tax when a vehicle is expected to be used 5,000 miles or less (7,500 miles or less for agricultural vehicles) during the period;
  • Claim a credit for tax paid on vehicles that were destroyed, stolen, sold, or used 5,000 miles or less (7,500 miles or less for agricultural vehicles);
  • Report acquisition of a used taxable vehicle for which the tax has been suspended;
  • Figure and pay the tax due on a used taxable vehicle acquired and used during the period.

What is Taxable Gross Weight of a vehicle?

The Gross Taxable Vehicle Weight can be determined by adding together the actual unloaded weight of the vehicle, trailer, and semi-trailor with the weight of the maximum load generally carried on the vehicle.

What is the penalty for not filing HVUT?

The IRS may impose Penalties for multiple reasons on Form 2290 filing. Penalties will be estimated if you fail to file HVUT returns or pay taxes within the due dates. HVUT Penalties may also be imposed if there are any false or fraudulent returns. These penalties are also in addition to the interest charged on late payments.
Penalties for late filing or late payment of HVUT may not be imposed for a valid reason. If you file after the HVUT due date, you need to attach an explanation with the return for the delay.

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PRECISE2290 (Powered by SYRUSH Corporation) is a leading IRS-authorized e-file service provider offering you the best cloud-based solutions to perform online filings of Form 2290 - Schedule 1, Form 8849 - Schedule 6 (other claims), and Form 2290 Amendments. We are instrumental in providing new style of e-filing through wizard guided navigation to make the whole filing process error free, quick and easy. PRECISE2290 is a Maryland based business committed to provide e-file services to the small,medium and large truckers at a very competitive service charge. We have a very flexible pricing for tax professionals who can use the multi-tenant solution to support their hundreds of trucker clients through one account. We have expertise in providing cloud-based online solutions and ensure 24x7x365 availability in a very secured environment monitored by the security experts.

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